Alpha AR 5MP GPS Android Smartglasses USD$59

2/10/2017 – 27 Anzeige

Alpha AR 5MP GPS Android Smartglasses USD$59
First Casual AR Smartglasses for Everyday Life
Meet Alpha Glass:augmented reality smart glasses with on-lens display
that allow you to get directions,look up weather info,check health data,
and do a whole lot more.Alpha Glass can also bring up your upcoming events,take photos,
and play your music with bone conduction tech.
These glasses have a quad-core processor,WiFi,Bluetooth,battery,microphone,sensors,
an AR vision system,and a 5MP camera.Alpha Glass is powered by Android 5.1
Alpha Glass are on-lens display AR glasses with wide field of view and casual design.
Unlike other AR glasses with external elements,
Alpha Glass have internal optical system inside the frame
Wide 30o FOV allows you to see the display right in the center with transparent background
No more bulky and awkward AR glasses! Alpha Glass have minimal design and foldable frame.
Instantly take photos,shoot videos and read QR codes with POV Camera located at the front.
Built-in high-performance bone conduction speaker allows you to listen to music and receive voice guidance
Easily develop various applications for Alpha Glass with Android 5.1 OS
Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
Customized Launcher (Mod UI)
Compatibility with Android (4.3+), iOS (7+)
TheAugmented Reality (AR) Vision starts with a small micro OLED display located inside the frames
Theimage of the display enters the collimator lens located in the nose bridge
The collimator lens adjusts the image and inserts it into a spectacle lens with a wave-guide structure
Combiner with wave-guide lens projects image to the user's eyes so it is possible to see the AR display
Separated modular optical system (SMOS) is a unique optical structure of Alpha Glass.
Wide FOV is achieved by reducing the size of the existing integrated structure and separating it into display,
control and combiners.
This technology is currently patented in Korea and patent applications are filed in the United States and Japan
All products are Brand New and Original Packaging
For ordering Pls Email
Email taken2013@hotmail.com
Email taken855@yahoo.com
Email suan@yudalt.com


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